Current Fanlistings

Diamond: Minase Iori
Game Characters: iDOLM@STER, THE; Minase Iori
Status: Approved at TFL on 7/8/19, plans to apply at TAFL

"would you forgive me if i became a bad person?": Matou Sakura
Game Characters & Anime Characters: Fate/Stay Night; Matou Sakura
Status: Approved at TAFL on 7/8/19, plans to apply at TFL

Upcoming Fanlistings

a beautiful world: Vinny (Vinesauce)
Personalities: Youtube, Vinny (Vinesauce)
Status: Applied for at TFL

Planned Fanlistings
Idolm@ster Related: Moroboshi Kirari, Kamiya Nao
Type Moon Related: Tsukihime (game)
Others: Relationships: Real Life: Mourey, Jenna & Julien Solomita, Astrology: Virgo, Hobbies: Cross Stitching

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